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Western Shelter

Our client for this campaign was Western Shelter, a B2B company that provides the military, medical, and emergency response communities with deployable shelter systems intended for operations in remote locations or critical situations. During our first meeting, the client challenged us with finding an advertising solution to the business problem Western Shelter has – its uneven sales cycle.


Through meeting with the client, we discovered that medical professionals presented a great opportunity for us to advertise, as well as to smooth out Western Shelter's business cycle, due to a different buying scheme they use, compared to other Western Shelter’s clients.

Upon our further analysis of the competition and multiple (almost heroic) stories we heard from our client, we have uncovered Western Shelter’s standout strength – its customer service. Western Shelter truly cares about its clients and always goes out of its way to help them when they need it most. From traveling to a different state in the middle of the night to fix a broken AC unit, to helping load patients onto helicopters during an emergency, to urgently rerouting a truck with shelters to an area where a natural disaster just struck, Western Shelter’s support and professional engagement are unbelievable.

At the same time, we have discovered that human element has been largely overlooked in the shelter innovation race that the competitors are engaged in. Thus, we figured that Western Shelter has the opportunity to connect with its audience by showing that the brand’s reliability is not just a feature of the shelters they sell.

Now we just needed to find the right angle to communicate Western Shelter’s ethos in a way that would resonate with medical professionals. After interviewing several members of our target audience and doing secondary research online, we uncovered a few insights that helped us arrive at the area where the values of Western Shelter and the medical community overlapped:


Medical professionals feel much more confident and at ease when they know their partners are “on top of their game.”


They know that human lives are in their hands, so they treasure it and always adhere to the highest degree of professionalism. They would feel devastated if they let their team or their patients down. With that, they appreciate the same level of personal and professional involvement from their colleagues and business partners. Knowing that there is someone they can rely on, they enjoy working as a team and providing usual patient care in unusual situations.

This is exactly the kind of partnership Western Shelter provides: it eliminates the barriers that interfere with its clients’ professional performance, to ensure a productive, stress-free environment.

The book we designed for Western Shelter includes both, our strategy and creative executions. Take a look!