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Sustainable Fashion

Sustainable fashion, or eco fashion, embodies the growing trend of sustainability, the goal of which is to support the environment, the economy, and social equity. Sustainable fashion refers to clothing and accessories made of natural, organic, or recycled materials, produced with a minimal use of natural resources or chemicals. It also supports a sweatshop-free environment and local manufacturing, which helps reduce transportation costs and sustain the local economy. Sustainable fashion adheres to the main principles of waste management – reducing, reusing, and recycling – by aiming at minimizing the amount of clothing discarded to landfills, promoting second-hand clothing, and encouraging the remanufacturing of old or discarded pieces into new products.

As environmental sustainability is such a big issue and trend in modern society, I wanted to bring up one of its angles in my project. Through a personal story of one fashion designer, it is intended to deliver a broader message - each of us can easily contribute to a healthier environment by choosing to wear sustainable apparel.