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Kahoot!ing in the Office


For this project, we partnered with Kahoot! and Microsoft with the goal of finding a meaningful integration solution between the gamified learning platform Kahoot! and Microsoft Office 365 productivity tools.

team roles

Our team Diversify & Conquer consisted of 4 members: Zimu Guo (UX designer), Emily Zeng (UX researcher), Corynne Umeda (UX engineer), and myself (UX researcher). Although I focused primarily on research and bringing the user perspective forward throughout the course of the project, I also doubled as a project manager. I maintained regular communication with the stakeholders, shared updates, kept our team on track with the deliverables, and resolved housekeeping issues. Besides, I participated in all collaboration activities, such as ideation, concept sketching, and video script writing.


Our primary user group consisted of corporate trainers, which presented our team with an exciting opportunity to do research and design in a space that has not been extensively studied yet, as we got to evaluate and improve the effectiveness and efficiency of gamified learning in a corporate setting.


Corporate trainers use Kahoot! - a gamified learning platform - to promote learning retention. They often use their PowerPoint presentation materials to come up with Kahoot! quizzes and then launch these quizzes for training assessment during PowerPoint presentations. This creates a disjointed experience for the users, as they have to switch back and forth between the two platforms. So we tasked ourselves with the question:

How might we help corporate trainers prepare and hold training presentations in a more efficient and enjoyable way?


We followed the Human-Centered Design process and went through the stages of research, design, testing, and iteration to get to the final solution that proposes:

  • The integration of Kahoot! as an add-in in PowerPoint to improve trainers’ workflow

  • The use of Kahoot! meeting invites in Outlook Calendar to allow for tracking of trainee performance   

The video below highlights the problem and solution:

And this video provides a more detailed walkthrough of the prototype we created:

Given the problem space, this project presents an interesting case for the field of Human-Centered Design, which comes with its own implications, limitations, dangers, and future opportunities. To learn more, check out our process book below, which summarizes our entire research and design process in an easy-to-digest format.